Chilling at Springlands

Decided to lay low today after a couple of busy travel days. I’ll fill you in a bit on our travels that eventually brought us to Moshi, Tanzania.

 It was my first time going through London so I was looking forward to experiencing Heathrow. For the five hour layover we just people-watched, had a coffee and chilled. Then off to board our flight to Cairo. In the waiting lounge is where you realize that you are now the minority in a very international crowd. That is what travel is all about! Flight was awesome and then it was a time for a snack and then onto Dar es Salaam.


The big question upon arriving in Dar es Salaam is will our luggage arrive after many connections. We waited at the carousel and after a few anxious minutes we caught sight of our two large MEC bags containing our backpacks. Whew! The airport can best be described as “open-concept” as birds were flying around the semi-outdoor arrivals and departure areas. Not your typical North American security or convenience features. A quick flight over to Kilimanjaro (where we caught our first glimpse of the mountain) and …. We made it……

The hotel is like an oasis in a busy. There are gardens everywhere, an outdoor dining room and lots of outdoor seating areas to just chat and relax. There is a mix of pre and post-climb Trekkers that are either anxious to grab a few last minute tips from those who have just returned and those who share stories about the euphoric (or sometimes nauseas) excitement you experience reaching the summit.

The staff is super friendly, with young Musa – already sporting a Canada pin, is very happy when I give him a Canada patch as well. He told me he “loves Canada”.

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