Exploring Thailand #3

With a Christmas trip behind me, it was time to settle into our base of Hua Hin and see what makes it a popular resort town. The weather certainly has been an adjustment for me, with daily temperatures remaining pretty steady at 30-31 degrees with no clouds or breezy winds to provide any relief from the sun. Hiking trips are out but vitamin D intake is certainly up. My condo faces west so the sun peeks around the back of the building at noon and cooks the patio until sunset. All part of the experience (but clothes dry in a flash)!

One neat stop was to check out the local train station which is clean, bright and colorful. This is just one of two in Hua Hin, the other I’m told is more ornate so it’s on the list to visit as well.

New Year’s Eve was noisy with lots of fireworks starting at 10pm and running until after midnight. I am very fortunate to live alongside many unique temples, buildings and interesting landscapes. The fireworks really enhanced that view from the balcony.

I already mentioned the Tamarind Market, but a mere 2-minute walk up the street is the location of the Cicada Market. While offering up fewer food stalls, it has more artsy kiosks and crafty displays. But hey, I can always track down a bowl of Thai food and beer! It is a nice place to just wander and relax.

Just a short walk from home is Wat Khao Krailart (the high hilltop temple in the fireworks pic above). As there is a climb of about 200 steps to the top, an 8AM start was best with the temperature already at 28 degrees. Aside from a monkey and a few dogs, I met up with nobody else (other than this guy!).

There are ponds, pathways, residences, cookhouses and small temples along with the main temple. I am sure it is a site for quiet reflection and meditation for the Buddhist people.

It also offers some spectacular 360 degree views of Hui Hin and the Gulf of Thailand.

And to finish, being a huge coffee fan, I saw this little banner outside a shop and it made me smile! No matter where you in go in this world, you can always find a ‘cuppa Joe’!

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