Gettin’ Outa’ Dodge

It’s been awhile since I did a post but should the truth be known, I’m sure you are not particularly interested in the fact that during the cold, icy wintery days of December and January I cleaned my condo and threw out garbage bags full of items that had lost any useful purpose. I couldn’t go for a run outside because the sidewalks were atrocious and you’d freeze your “*~@$!” wazoo off anyway. EXIT!

The last weekend in February was a perfect time to grab a few bags of groceries, fill the car with gas, make a pit stop at the NSLC and ‘hit the road’ for Cape Breton. Two years ago I bought a cool pair of snowshoes and I am sad to say they had never met the snowy, cold ground of our winter wonderland. ROAD TRIP!

To say that Cape Breton had more snow that Halifax was an understatement. Ankle-height (Hali) vs. knee-height (CB) snow was no exaggeration. With a warm cottage along the Bras d’Or Lake surrounded by 5-foot snow drifts resembling an Elvis Pompadour welcoming us along with clear skies ~ I feel the stress of T4s, tax upgrades and other work-related year-end processes sliding away. Do you have any concept of the work that goes into the production of a T4 slip ??? OK I won’t bore you – how long ’til I retire again? GET OUTSIDE!

OK. Here’s the thing! I have not seen the Bras d’Or Lake as spectacular as it was this past weekend in February, in many a year. I hope a few pictures below will portray the beauty of Mother Nature in a way that an otherwise endless, crappy winter has us ‘near stir crazy’. The fact that six months from now will find many of us jumping into the Bras d’Or for a refreshing swim, I will be thinking of the day that we strapped on our snowshoes and trekked 150 meters off shore across the lake, in a place that more resembled Alaska than Ironville. AMAZING!

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