A Hike to Cobequid Eco-Trails

On March 3rd, 2013, we decided that since much of the snow in Halifax was disappearing, the hiking trails would be accessible. It was decided that an 80-minute drive up to Kemptown Road (near Earltown) to the Cobequid Eco-Trails would do the trick. The weather was cloudy but mild.

The Cobequid Eco-Trail system is a wonderful series of trails that are well marked and well-maintained. Check out their website which I linked to above to view their trail listings.

The plan was to hike the Sandy Cope Trail, a loop that would let us pass through forest, lakes and waterfalls.Mother Nature had a mind of its own though, as it became clearly apparent that the snow was still knee-deep – making it a slog that was just not going to happen on that day. You would tire yourself out in a very short period of time.I had done the Gully Lake trail in the fall.

Time for Plan B to kick in. There was a quiet road through the area used by skiers, skidoos and ATVs that was more or less packed down. Not quite as scenic but we still get to enjoy the great outdoors and pack in a decent hike.

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