Day 2 – Moorland

Hiking Time: 6 hrs
Total Distance: 15km
Starting Altitude: 2700m
Final Altitude: 3720m
Habitat: Moorland

Each day usually starts with a wake up call at 6am, breakfast at 6:15 and ready to go by 7:30. Only a few minutes pass before the shady trees of the rainforest are replaced by lower growing vegetation of the habitat they call moorland. Sunblock is necessary today. We catch a good view of the mountain which still seems to be so far away. You have to appreciate the incredible job performed by the porters who sometimes carry one backpack on their back and another on the head/shoulders. They are modern day superheroes !

You begin to feel the small effects of the change in altitude on your body – nothing major, you just get the feeling that something is ‘a bit different’. The trail is rocky in many areas so the walking poles are useful to maintain good balance today. The fog begins to roll in in the early afternoon but it does cool things down a bit. We see various types of bushes and plants including the giant groundsel – looks like a cross between a cactus and a palm tree.

For the first time we have a shower of rain but it was no biggie as we were almost at our sleeping quarters for the night Horombo Huts.  We were now at 3720 meters.

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