Day 3 – Life Above the Clouds

Total Distance: 15km
Starting Altitude: 3720m
Final Altitude: 4703m 
Habitat: Alpine Desert

After a foggy evening at Horombo Huts, I was stunned by the view that greeted me at 6AM. We were now above the cloud line, like peering out an airplane window – but better 🙂 The sun was just coming up and you realize how lucky you are to be able to stand there and experience this. A quick look back at camp and we “rise again”. 

Today’s itinerary will see another change in terrain to  Alpine desert.  There will be less plant life; more rocks and dirt. The gain in altitude brings on a minor but dull, steady headache which is not unexpected. We are taking altitude sickness prevention pills so that helps. Our chief guide, Silvano, makes sure that we are always safe! 
We finish up mid-afternoon at Kibo Hut  and take a short rest.  The day is far from over though,  as we will be awaken at 11:00 PM for a snack and then will begin the hardest part of the trek – the hike straight up to the Summit.

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