New City & New Class

I travelled to my second assignment on Wednesday,  a medium-sized city called Chengdu, with only a measly 10 million people. The vibe here is a little bit more relaxed and I like it. The distance between Chongqing and Chengdu is about 400kms I think but I took the bullet train that got me here in about an hour and forty minutes with speeds just under 300km/hr.

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Two really keen students from the International Studies program greeted me at the train station, hailed a cab and got me to the hotel. They were so helpful and kind.

Once I was checked in, we walked over to the campus for a little tour, as I had to start my first class the next day. Luckily, aside from a short detour due to new subway construction, it is about a 2km straight line from the hotel to campus. The sun was shining and the sky was blue – the first time I had seen that since I arrived 19 days earlier. It certainly brought a smile to my face!

My new class is about 40 students, up from 11 in the last port of call. Luckily their Computer Science teacher is in the class with me and he maintains a strict code of conduct. No sleeping from this class I tell you! I may not get a chance to know the students as well but that’s OK too. I have met a few other students outside of class who chatted with me and want to go have coffee to practice their English. I have a busier social life here than I do at home HAHA

I am, teaching at Chengdu Technology University, which has a nice campus. The building with the gold clock is their library.  I am quickly becoming known as the “foreign teacher” – I am the sole representative from Holland College this semester so I sort of stick out. I’m getting used to being called a foreigner though LOL. My first day I was invited to attend English corner in the evening, where students are given a topic for discussion and they break up into groups to talk in English. It was a weird topic but I had a good time anyways.


 My new breakfast bar in is a cafe across the way from the hotel. It has a great selection, with fried eggs and toast/bread available. What a treat.

On my first day I realized they would make a cappuccino for you so I asked for one. Now , when I walk in , she automatically makes one for me. YUMMY

I have a busy weekend planned, booking a private tour guide named Max who speaks English and is going to take me to all the major sights in and around Chengdu Saturday and Sunday. He came highly recommended so why not!

Oh, and this street name just made we chuckle

Take care all!!

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