Burano – Venice

Burano is a quiet “oasis” just a 30 minute ferry ride from Venice. The difference between Venice and Burano is obvious the minute you step off the boat.

Children are playing on streets, men are working on the waterfront – it is a working community of fishermen who probably despise seeing their quiet life disturbed by us tourists jumping off the ferry.                                            

The houses are painted in vibrant colours and since it was late in the afternoon when we arrived there, the sun was starting to sets and the light was perfect for taking a few pictures.

It was a wonderful spot to walk around, have a bit of supper, a few beers and catch the ferry back to city centre. I would highly recommend people to add Burano to their agenda if planning a trip to Venice.

You may be wondering about the next couple of pics but lets call them a bit of “slice of life” as we become accustomed to this Venetian lifestyle. I had seen these stacks of tables everywhere around the city and have come to learn that in the event of a flood, the tables are setup and people can walk on the tables rather than the flooded streets and alleyways. Cool!
I thought you may want to see where we are staying on our visit and like all good Venetians, we did laudry and hung our T-shirts and other “unmentionables” on the line below our window sill. The place has little to no hot water but we are surviving quite nicely. When wine is $3.45 euros per bottle how can one complain! 

Tomorrow we are off to Lake Como – the playground of the rich and famous. The gals are on the lookout for George Clooney who has a house there LOL.

(PS All pictures can be clicked on for a larger resolution.)

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