Exploring Venice, Italy

Hey there. It’s been two fabulous days in Venice so far and we’ve been having a fantastic time. Venice is very lay back, casual – with friendly folks everywhere with the language not really presenting any issues. From the airport you can take a passenger ferry to City Centre for a very reasonable fare. If you are super rich, you can book a private taxi but obviously thats not us 🙂

We spent time on Day 1 walking the tiny alleys, exploring St. Mark’s Square,  and getting used to the Venetian way of life. Awesome pizza, cheap wine, well-dressed locals to name few. It is cool being in an environment with no cars. Prices are very reasonable for food and transportation so far.

On Day 2 we were well rested and over-caffeinated as we started out for the day. Our plan was to take the ferry to two outlying islands on the outskirts of the Venice lagoon – Murano and Burano. Each very different in their own way. Murano is famous for its glass works i.e. glass blowing, jewelry, furnaces, they are all here. If it can be made from glass, it’s sold here.
I will fill you in on Burano tomorrow as it is late and time for bed. 

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